Monday, November 24, 2008

the best pancakes ever in this world.

there used to be this restaurant near my apartment called 9th street market. the brunch line was always very, very long, but I always waited because the pancakes were the best ever in this world. ever. (the man who worked there was also the best ever in this world... he was so tall, so thin, so bearded and so friendly... and he always remembered my name.)

one day we walked to wait in line, to eat delicious sunday-brunch-pancakes, and found it had disappeared. the inside was empty and dusty, like it never was.

I have mourned the passing of 9th street market for months... I barely ate pancakes anywhere else... that was... until tonight.

tonight I decided to make breakfast for dinner to put a sparkly cap on a particularly un-sparkly day. I made vegan pancakes, using a very basic recipe, but with a new kind of unsweetened vanilla soy milk and one over-ripe banana mashed with lots of cinnamon. the smell as it sizzled in the olive oil was like heaven... but the taste... these pancakes were like... 9th street market times gajillion. they were amazing. the best pancakes ever in this world. ever.

...and there are still a lot left. so if you live near-by, come help me eat them.

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sara said...

recipe, please... :)