Thursday, January 8, 2009

candy and me.

this morning i woke up thinking about:

those of you who know me (especially my dentist), know that i have a wicked sweet tooth... so naturally, i love economy candy. economy candy is on rivington, between essex and ludlow, and it's sticky, sugary-sweet smell alone is enough to give one a root canal worthy cavity.

actually, i think saying i have a sweet tooth might be putting it lightly... i think i might be addicted to candy (and other sweet things). i have been off candy for a couple of weeks now, and the first two or three clean days, i experienced headaches and nausea that i am convinced were withdrawal symptoms. and it's not even like i eat a lot of candy every day... i generally eat very healthy... but i like at least one dessert most days. (please note that dried fruit is included in the candy category and i have not had any of that these last couple of weeks either. i know, woah! right?)

anyway, so yeah, i have been off candy for a couple of weeks now and i still want it bad. my favourite candy of all time are cherry slices (pictured above, photo from last time i went to economy candy (when i took the top photo), i got over 2 pounds of them, thinking i would spread the consumption out over a couple of weeks. i ate them all that day. i couldn't help it. they were just so good... with their gummy goodness mixed with that satisfying sugar granule crunch... and that awesomely superficial red candy flavour... i just couldn't stop.

the thing is, economy candy closes at 6 on weekdays, and i can't make it there in time from work. it's good because then i can't have candy; it's bad because i want candy.

i think i might give in and go this weekend and get some cherry slices. this time though, i will get one pound instead of two. and spread it out over at least a couple of days.

really, i will.

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A30 said...

wow! i didnt know u were as addicted as me. i had a relapse over xmas tho.. hehe.