Monday, January 26, 2009

lunchtime Børre Sæthre.

so, i work near p.s.1 contemporary art center, one of my favourite places to experience art... and during lunch i went to check out stealth distortion (...must have seen it in some teenage wet dream), a piece by norwegian artist Børre Sæthre ...and it was totally awesome!

the best part of the work is the big, taxidermed unicorn in a glass box. the visual quality (of the unicorn) that the glass allows is different depending on the vantage point. from some areas the creature can be seen clearly, while from others it appears to be laying in a sea of mist. there is a tinted strip of glass through the middle where the view is clear, but it requires crouching down to see through it. the sound aspect of the piece is also particularly awesome.

i would recommend making the trip to l.i.c just to see it, but today is it's last day on view.

unicorns are awesome. so is norway.

(photo: matthew septimus, p.s.1 contemporary art center)

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