Thursday, January 22, 2009

paging mistadobalina.

ashley, who i share an office with, turned to me today and asked if i remembered the del tha funkee homosapian song, mistadobalina. she'd heard it on the radio recently for the first time; i haven't heard (or thought of) it in years.

we googled it, watched the video, dissolved in giggles and decided it would be really funny if we paged mistabobdobalina over the work intercom. neither of us thought we could do it without laughing, so we asked andrew (also in our office) to do it... he thought his voice was too recognizable, so i ended up doing it. "mistadobalina, mista bob dobalina, please call extention 272." but i ended up losing it at 272. and then we laughed pretty hard for a while after that. for some reason it was hysterical.

maybe you had to be there.

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catherine said...

hehe that sounds like a good time to me!