Sunday, February 8, 2009

weekend winter jam awesomeness.

so this weekend a few of my friends and i decided to enter the snow sculpture contest at the winter jam on the east river.

the day was unseasonably warm, but since the event sponsors had been making snow for over a month in preparation, we thought conditions would be ok for building. expecting tough competition, we arrived armed with big ideas, several bags of ice and a few choice tools.

upon reaching the competition area we realised that we were the oldest competitors by about 22 years... and that the competition had been cancelled because the melting snow had been packed down from a day's worth of enthusiastic sledders. the organizer did say however, that he would come around and judge whatever was there at the top of the hour.

so amid the curious stares of small children and their parents, we set to work building a snail, complete with an ice trail of slime. upon completion, we summoned the organizer for judging and were awarded the grand prize of... two tickets to the sports museum of america. (i never knew this place existed... and there were six of us.) the judge said they didn't ordinarily award prizes to adults, but i think he just wanted us off the premises, away from the kids as soon as possible.the team pre-competition.

our competition.

us with our prizes. (the envelope was full of slips of paper, but only two were actually real tickets.)

(first and last photos taken by confused parents.)

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