Monday, April 6, 2009

run for parks.

yesterday i dusted off my mental game and ran the run for parks 4 miler in central park. it was my first race of the year, and the first real test since i hurt my IT band. it started at 8am... and I didn't expect anyone to rise that early on a sunday morning... but i noticed again, the difference in how i run when there is no one waiting at the finish. i was tired and disheartened immediately and it took a while for me to hit my stride. but by the end, i was moving quickly and i managed to finish in 29:24, running 7:21 miles. i finished 744 out of 5745, 81 out of the 2826 women and 24 out of the 353 in my age group.

even though the run was kind of bust, the park was beautiful and sunny, with the first hints of spring... perhaps i will run the scottish run next weekend with more success.


A30 said...

i wish i had been there to cheer u on. soon... i promise.

Jamie said...

you make the outdoors gorgeous!