Thursday, October 28, 2010

dear oliver herring... i hearts ya.

it's a beautiful day today...

after two weeks of being intimate with only a computer, designing disney princess packaging all day... without breaks... i was excited for a long weekend of sunshine and me-time.

i kicked it off with an outdoor breakfast catch-up with erica s. (probably the last outdoor meal of the year), and from there moved on for a gallery walk through chelsea. it has been a while since i have taken the time to really check things out over there... i like to start around 14th and weave my way between 10th and 11th aves up to the mid-twenties, or for as long as i can focus. today i saw a lot of inspiring work, and was even able to (minimally) participate in some performance art...

...i peeked into meulensteen, formerly max protetch... there was paper over the door, and though there was a sign to say the gallery was open, it looked a bit like i would be disturbing something if i stepped inside. behind the paper was a hot mass of models, paint, light and awesomeness... i was urged in, and that was it. oliver herring was working on a piece involving a group, props, and phosphorescent paint. he would apply the medium to the models and everything around them, using strong lights to charge the paint. every few minutes, he would instruct lights off and the work would come to glowing life in the darkness. at a couple of points the light people had to step away and they asked me to help out... and even though it was minimal, it was kind of awesome to be involved with such a brilliant (pun intended) piece. it was awesome to see the work evolve. initially, when i entered, herring was focusing most on floor model and the area around her... as things progressed, he moved his models, painted up the walls, and wheeled in mylar sheets, painting on them, adding dimension to the project. it was awesome to watch someone else's creative process come to life. i also must add, the models were as hot as the lights, and oliver herring was the perfect artist crush (in the sweetest possible way).

if you are in the area, i highly recommend stopping by... 511 w. 22nd st... it's on until november 6th and there are different programs for each day.

(i think i said awesome too many times in that bit. you get it though.)

+ also note, oliver herring is from heildelberg.

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