Thursday, December 16, 2010

thank you.

this morning i was watching gma before work and there was a teaser before they cut to commercial... 'learn the two words that could change your life.' out loud i was like, 'duh, thank you.' i wasn't actually expecting it to be that, but it WAS. the segment was about a man who wrote a thank you note every day for a year... some where thank yous for big things, but most were for the small things...

'thank you' is my favourite combination of words in the english language... it's such a powerful, joyful, beautiful phrase. to say thank you... to be thankful... every day... multiple times a day... it's essential to joy and well being.

and today... i would like to say thank you to my roommate amy... last night i got home from work and the apartment smelled... well... like christmas. she had baked me a big batch of vegan snickerdoodles (the best i have ever tasted, for the record) and 4 vegan apple crisps. um, yum? amy, you know vegan dessert is in my top ten favourite things in life, so thank you... and have an awesome trip back to oregon.


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