Monday, April 11, 2011

dear 585.

seriously? ok. well. what's done is done, but that doesn't mean i am not gonna miss you like woah. there are a million things i want to thank you for... i don't know where to start. so, umm... in no particular order:

thank you for always, always listening to me. i am not one for opening up, but i found it easy to do with you. you were one of my most trusted friends, and one of those that i told the most to... and thus one of the ones who knew me best.

thank you for opening up to me. you didn't do it a whole lot... (i understand why) so it meant that much more when you did. and i was always so happy to be there for you.

thank you for sending albums you thought i'd like before their release dates... and thank you for providing me with free downloads of anything and everything i could ever want to listen to. (especially Now That's What I Call Music 30... UK Series)

thank you for picking up your phone at 2pm... 2am... 5am... always.

thank you for calling me on my b.s... i know sometimes i would hang up in a huff, but i would always call you back and admit you were right... and apologise.

thank you for the mixes and your music.

thank you for the compliments. even though i thought you were insane. and also blind.

thank you for the links that made me laugh. or made me smarter. or re-affirmed what i already knew...

thank you for reading this blog and my ga-jillion others. and for commenting. my readership is gonna drop big-time.

thank you for thinking i am a fast runner... a jock... thank you for suffering through that race a couple summers back. it was hot that day. and humid.

thank you for endless week-day entertainment via gchat...

thank you for understanding why dilla was so brilliant.

thank you for thinking my random knowledge on a wide range of things equaled brilliance ;)

i guess the list could go on for ages... you get the point. i'm trying to keep this light hearted, when actually i am feeling quite heavy. i can only hope that your mind is peaceful and your heart happy... please feel free to be one of my part-time guardian angels... i think you'd be perfect for the job, and i'd love to have you on the team...

i hope you don't mind, but i wanted to include three of the pieces you made with this post. i never got a chance to reply to your e-mail last week calling my comments re the body of work 'hyperbole.' they weren't... i meant what i said... i really loved the work. so yeah, i hope it's ok for me to include it with the post.

i know we have talked about death before, and what we would do if the other died... i don't really remember much about those conversations now. i also can't remember, what you said you wanted at your funeral. i'm sorry.

i hope you always knew how thankful and appreciative i was of your friendship.

love always,

ps. a whole lot of people miss you already. just so you know.


kristen kendrick. said...

i just found a haiku from you in my inbox that i somehow missed until today:

once i have escaped
i'd like a sky burial
so i may return

also. i am sorry if i let you down.

Pure said...

So beautifully said.