Friday, September 23, 2011


complexity graphics

migz fest
was funny because it was all williamsburg arty, and eastern european electronicky, but then it was sponsored by... subway. ha. they had a sandwich booth at the party. there was also a foodster booth though (see above), and i got some interesting sauerkraut and potato dumplings (not pierogies ), that were good, but made my stomach hurt, like everything else in moscow. (side note: i spoke with a canadian and an american staying at my hotel and they also said their stomachs were unsettled the whole trip. it wasn't full on sickness... just discomfort. we didn't drink the water, but still... something was funky. luckily, the mini bars in the rooms at the hotel were free and bottomless, so we never had to pay for bottled water.)

there was some interesting art there and the space was nice, but it could have been curated better. the line up wasn't bad (including andrea graziano, swayzak, crazy-p, ulrich schnauss...) i was pretty exhausted from the day, so it wasn't a wild night, but i was glad to get out in this capacity while visiting. and the people in this particular crowd didn't stare too much.

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