Thursday, September 15, 2011

the traffic in around moscow is the worst i have ever seen in my life. worst. forget nyc. forget LA. the. worst. (the picture above does not illustrate this... the building just caught my eye as we were driving by).

my driver picked me up from the airport... he didn't speak a word of english... actually, he did know 'toilet' luckily. anyway, he drove for over an hour only to realise he had forgotten to pick up the other two people traveling through gate 1. so after fighting through all of that traffic, we had to go all the way back to the airport... we ended up being in the car for about 4 hours. and the air quality due to the traffic was terrible. anyone who is reading this who may be from the area: is it always like that?!

...but, he (the driver) was super nice. warm, lovely, and smiley. points towards my trip goals. he also was the wildest (while still being very much in control) driver i have ever been in a vehicle with.

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