Wednesday, October 5, 2011

moscow metro

when i was in college, my then boyfriend graduated a year ahead of me and moved to nyc. he lived in a huge loft space in east williamsburg, a few stops in off the j train. i used to visit from rochester on the weekends... i was as avid a runner then as i am now, and my favourite run was the brooklyn bridge. sometimes i would take the j to the bridge (i was still new in the city and didn't quite know how to run there yet), and... the j stop there is like... one of the grossest subway stops in all of nyc. or it used to be... i haven't been to that particular stop in many years... it was so dark, and so dank, and smelled so strongly of human fecal matter and pee that i thought my lungs might deteriorate if i had to breath on the platform for too long. it was gross.

the metro stations in moscow were the complete opposite. so. freakin'. beautiful.

my first ride into the city center from my hotel, i marveled at every stop, not caring who saw my wonder-filled-tourist eyes... every station was filled with majestically commanding marble columns, statues, and lighting that is usually reserved for attractions above ground...

i hear the stations in st. petersburg are equally amazing... i look forward to seeing them on my next trip to russia...

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