Thursday, December 22, 2011

carsten höller: experience.

several years ago i was introduced to carsten höller's work at the tate in london... it was a totally awesome experience, with his slides snaking down through the vast expanse of turbine hall. i remember there weren't many people there that day... i took a ride and squealed all the way down.

carsten höller: experience opened at the new museum in october and i was excited to check it out... it was not the exhilaration of the tate. i have never warmed to the new museum's interior, and i guess that colours my experience each time. and while i do like höller's work, this exhibit as a whole didn't move me. actually, the flashing lights on the second floor made me so nauseous that i left without seeing everything.

if you're interested and not epileptic, it closes january 15...

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