Saturday, March 10, 2012

destination: coney island.

mural by os gêmeos

it wasn't warm enough for this...

the wave of the future: colour computer portraits!

wanna have your mind blown? go to coney island. my friend paul and i spent a funny afternoon exploring this land that time forgot. (it had been a while since i had been.) the highlight of the trip? mermaid brick oven pizza, where they were out of marina sauce, vegetables, and forks... the valentine's day decorations were still up... and the guy had to go next door to get change for the register because it only had about $3 in it. and it had 'c' grade. however, said guy was ridiculously lovely and charismatic... and he made me a salad with the stray onions, tomatoes, and iceberg lettuce he found in the back... and it was only $2. awesome. on the train back i said to paul, 'that place must have been a front for something else.' he responded, 'coney island is a front for something else.'


pomme designs said...

you make coney island look beautiful.

kristen kendrick. said...

thank you girl!