Wednesday, April 25, 2012

green inspired art.

 (last photo credit see below)

last week i joined the fishs eddy team to compete in the green inspired art competition at the museum of art and design. the event was put on by the museum, and this great organization, materials for the arts, that has a warehouse full of art supplies in long island city, that they open to non-profit art organizations and schools to shop from for free.

the premise of the competition was simple. we (us, two teams from tekserve, and two teams from goldman sachs) were given a little over 2 hours, a base, and green art materials that we had to assemble into something with an environmental theme. it was glorified arts and crafts and it was a glorious time. our piece focused mainly on deforestation and it was definitely the most detailed of the bunch (us, the team of creatives)...

the pieces will be on view at the museum on the 6th floor for the next month... to check out photos from the even click here. that last photo of sara and i was taken by the event photographer, but i can't find his name to give him the credit. he took all the linked photos as well.

anyway. good times. and the museum is fantastic too. go!

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