Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a year and a day.

in the window before the party started... photo by paul beresniewicz
those of you who know me know that i am a great, big, beastie boys fan. i know every word to every song on every album... when i was little my mom confiscated paul's boutique from my collection due to the profanity (i was like 6 or 7 when it came out, so perhaps she had cause)... when i graduated from elementary school, fight for you right was on repeat at the party afterwards (?!)... when hello nasty came out, i made my baby sister learn all the lyrics to intergalactic, because i thought it was funny when she sang it... in high school, i was excited, as a student for a free tibet, that MCA was for a free tibet too... when no one would come with me to the madison square garden show, (the one awesome; i fuckin' shot that was shot at), i went by myself, and shouted out every lyric in an otherwise (surprisingly) subdued section... when awesome i fuckin' shot that came out, i somehow got tickets to the screening, sang along to every song again, and got to meet them after the show. it was MCA who was most tolerant of my fawning (i swear i am not like that with celebrities, but it was THE BEASTIE BOYS), and allowed me to take a picture with him, after i professed my love. (no joke, sophia can confirm this, as she was the photographer). i have long since lost that picture (stolen laptop), but i remember it clearly... i am smiling out of my mind and he is almost completely deadpan. that was one of the best nights of my life and the first of a couple beastie encounters... i was so very lucky to witness firsthand what a beautiful, humble, awesome soul adam yauch was.

when the news popped up on my feed that he had died on friday i was stunned. someone likened it to my parent's generation losing a beatle.

friday night we gathered at 99 rivington... (paul's boutique, which is now a werewolf themed wrap restaurant... with surprisingly awesome wraps)... and we just poured it out for MCA. it was amazing to see how positively he touched so, so many people... through music... through film... through activism... it's like his energy was radiating through the city that night... so much light.

thank you adam yauch... you will be missed.

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