Sunday, June 17, 2012


when i was little, most of my summers were spent almost entirely in the water. whether it was in the putney pool, my neighbor's pond, or lake spofford, i was a fish... i could swim and play in the water for hours.

yesterday i went swimming for the first time in ages... and it was amazing! at first i wasn't even going to go in the water... i'm a big sissy la-la about cold water... and it was cold. it took me ten minutes to get in just up to my calves... but i finally got there, and once i was in, it was like old times. i was the only one in the pool and i swam and splashed and played for as long as i could. the feeling of my body moving in water under the sunshine was totally awesome... i forgot how good and light and fun it feels...

this summer i am going to try to swim as much as possible... who's with me?

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