Saturday, March 10, 2012

mmm food.

despite being vegan, i always enjoy eating while traveling. people don't generally sing the praises of british food... and in the traditional sense, i wouldn't either... but there is plenty of very good food to be had in london, as in most cities, really. ellie took me to a couple of lovely places, most notably, the riding house cafe, but the best thing i ate on this trip was a bean burger from gourmet burger kitchen. i know, i know... it's a chain... but that burger was like... heaven. maybe it was because i was starving, but i don't think so... it was one of the highlights of my trip. for real. another notable was the above sorbet at some italian place where tim and i had lunch. it was delicious... and cute. i had a hard time eating it because i didn't want to ruin the perfect, sweet little bit of togetherness happening between the pink and white scoops.


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