Saturday, November 6, 2010

t-two. today then tomorrow...

omg. omg. omg. OMG. omg. OMG. OMGEEEEEE! tomorrow is the marathon. tomorrow. TOMORROW!!!! omg. i'm excited. can you tell? omg. can't even... can't even!!!!

today i went to the expo... i was supposed to meet my odwalla team at 11, but i was so excited that i took the m34 in wrong direction (?! seriously?) after i got off the train, because there was a slew of other runners going east and i just wanted to be around them and the surrounding pre-marathon excitement... i didn't even notice i was heading back the way i came until park. so i was late. and my team had already gone when i got to the odwalla booth at the expo and i couldn't find them anywhere. so i got my number and my goody bag, and took the free bus to paragon for the free runners lunch. free runners lunch consisted of an apple, a banana (good, good), a bottle of water (ok, ok, hydrate...), greasy pizza, hotdogs, and big, doughy, white bagels. (pass, pass and pass.) i guess that might be many-a-runner's idea of the ideal pre-marathon lunch, but my intuition tells me that is a recipe for disaster. even if i wasn't a vegan, i feel like that combo might cost me a whole lot of bathroom break time come race day. but, you know, whatever. i got a free bus ride and some free fruit. and then i ate this when i got home:

imma go eat some more. and try to re-gain control of myself. which i am not sure will happen because i am so EXCITED. seriously. omg.

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